Can You Listen to Music During Ramadan?

by Muslim.Sg 2023-03-15 • 2 min read
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2023-03-15 • 2 min read

Can we listen to music during Ramadan?

Listening to music or watching TV, for that matter, does not invalidate the fast.

However, you may wish to refrain from entertainment activities, especially when it involves lewd and indecent content.

Ramadan is more than just refraining from food and drinks. The highlight of Ramadan is the opportunity to develop ourselves to become a better person for Allah s.w.t. We should focus on our spiritual development and communal contribution while also continuing our daily commitments and responsibilities.

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You may also wish to increase your Zikir (remembrance), Dua (supplication) or look for educational programmes such as free Islamic classes and podcasts during your free time to optimise your Ramadan experience. You can also listen to this song about Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Watch Ustaz FaritzUstaz Abdullah and Ustazah 'Izzah answer your frequently asked questions on Ramadan:

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