The Quran Guides Us to Find Answers - Mufti Dr Nazirudin Mohd Nasir

by Muslim.Sg 2020-03-12 • 1 min read
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2020-03-12 • 1 min read

"It's not just about our faith in Allah but the character of finding anwsers
will help us to deal with so many issues of our time, of humanity."

As Muslims, Al-Quran and Sunnah are our guidance but how do we find
the answers to all our doubts and questions?

In this bitesized video excerpt, SS Mufti of Singapore,
Dr Nazirudin Mohd Nasir mentioned about God-given innate ability of
human beings which is using our mental faculties.

The character of finding answers in the Quran will eventually help to solve many humanity issues.

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