Thank You Mufti from Asatizah Youth Network- Dr Fatris Bakaram

by Muslim.Sg 2020-02-24 • 2 min read
Muslim.Sg is a Muslim lifestyle platform that aims to deepen your understanding of faith, in collaboration with the Asatizah Youth Network (AYN). We are part of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis).
2020-02-24 • 2 min read

Throwback to’s moments with our outgoing Mufti, Ustaz Dr Mohamed Fatris Bakaram.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Mufti for your constant guidance and providing us with meaningful content over the years. We appreciate your contribution through our platforms that has benefited a lot to others.

Here's some heartfelt appreciation messages from our Asatizah Youth Network (AYN), dedicated to our beloved Mufti!

Watch this video and explore how Muslim SG can be your one-stop source of information for all things Islam in Singapore.

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