#Puasapedia Ep 09 - General Medication Issues in Ramadan

by MuslimSG 2018-07-04 • 1 min read
2018-07-04 • 1 min read

Alhamdulillah, today is the 20th day of Ramadan and the start of the last 10 nights! We hope your journey thus far has been full of barakah.

The 9th episode of #PUASAPEDIA for today is entitled: General Medication issues in Ramadan

Dedicated to all who might be facing medical issues this Ramadan, Ustaz Syazwan clarifies some common questions with regards to injections, insulin and the likes in this episode.

Are you enjoying our Puasapedia series so far? Feel free to leave us a comment below on what you would like to watch next! 👀

P.S. content as advised by Office of the Mufti (OOM)
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