Madrasah Aljunied student achieves perfect score for IB

Out of 238 students with perfect scores globally, more than half are from Singapore
by Muslim.Sg 2022-01-07 • 3 min read
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2022-01-07 • 3 min read

Perfect IB score of 45 points.

Students from Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah once again showed promising results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) exams in 2021, with its best student scoring a perfect score of 45 points.

This was a first for the Madrasah, achieved by 18-year-old Ms Tasneem Jamaludeen. Ms Tasneem credited her family, teachers, and friends for supporting her in getting this achievement.

100% Passing rate for IB students in Madrasah Aljunied

According to the madrasah, all 16 students who went through the program last year passed and received the Bilingual Diploma – given to students who managed to get grade 3 and above in two languages.

The average score for students in the Madrasah in 2021 is higher than the global average - 39.69 points compared to the global average of 32.39 points.

This score is also higher than the previous average of 34.8 points achieved by the Madrasah. The national average this year is close to 40.6 points.

Out of the 238 students who had perfect scores for this IBDP exams globally, more than half or 133 came from Singapore.

Muis CE Congratulates Madrasah Students

The community is heartened by the success and achievements of our madrasah students. Muis CE, Mr Kadir Maideen also congratulated the madrasah students for their outstanding results in his Facebook post.

Encouraging Words from the Community

Principal of Madrasah Aljunied, Madam Khairiana Zainal Abiden, thanked CE Muis and policy makers in the statutory board as well as fellow educators and asatizah for their support and contribution in the success of the Madrasah.



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