A Mother's Dua | Islamic Podcast | Tune Islam EP 4

by Muslim.Sg 2023-05-10 • 2 min read
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2023-05-10 • 2 min read

Allah s.w.t. listens to what every mother prays for her child.🤲🏼

Why do mothers hold a truly special status in Islam?💖

Listen to the valuable stories shared by Ustazah Amalina and our host, Azzah Fariha, as they discuss on showing kindness and obedience to our mothers.

01:30 - There are saying such as 'Syurga adalah di bawah telapak kaki ibu' and there's also a hadith that mentioned mother three times, and then comes father. What does it mean?
09:58 - Taking care of our mothers to the best of our abilities.
12:20 - Why is a mother's dua very important in our lives?
17:27 - How do we strengthen the bond with our mothers?
21:55 - Do you think that our roles (with our parents) reverse as we grow older?
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