Ustaz Khalid Rafi - Manifesting Good Relationships

by Muslim.Sg 2019-09-26 • 2 min read
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2019-09-26 • 2 min read

"I was sent to perfect good character, good mannerism," - Prophet s.a.w.

On today's instalment of AYN Speaks, Ustaz Khalid Rafi covers the following:

- In Islam, spirituality is the true knowledge of the source of the spirit, sincere and persistent connection with Allah s.w.t. and commitment to loving Him
- Spirituality is the sincerity and commitment to the Creator
- Spirituality in Islam comprises of the system of beliefs, system of actions and system of perfection
- Iman in Islam also constitutes of the conviction of the heart, the expressions of the tongue and the actions of the limbs
- As humans in this world, we have two types of relationships: Hablu Min Allah (relationship with our Creator) and Hablu Min Nas (relationship with Allah's creations)
- Iman manifests itself in us trying for self-improvement at all times
- Explore ways on how we can become the best Muslims in today's context

Watch this week's AYN Speaks as Ustaz Khalid Rafi discusses the topic of manifesting good relationships as we tread the earth on our individual journeys.

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