Puasa Tapi Tak Solat | Fast But Do Not Pray. How? | Asatizah Answer Your IG Questions on Ramadan

by Muslim.Sg 2021-04-13 • 2 min read
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2021-04-13 • 2 min read

Last year, we got Asatizah to answer your searched questions. This year, we got all your legit IG questions answered on this Muslim.Sg new series: Asatizah Answer Your IG Questions!

Join Ustaz Ridhwan together with Ustaz Fakhrur Radzi, Ustaz Alawi and Ustazah Unaisah for this first episode!

P/s: Ustaz said, “Don’t Judge Ah!”

1:06 When is Ramadan?
1:16 How to qada puasa from years ago?
1:50 Better to rinse mouth during wudu while fasting or better to do wajib only?
2:20 Puasa tapi tak solat. How?
2:45 Full-time employee and Part-time student here. How can I maximise my little time for Ibadah in Ramadan?
3:41 Would planning to give charity daily during the month of Ramadan via pay-now considered as overdoing?
4:25- What are the simple things new converts can do besides zikir?

The answers provided here are brief and in bite-sized. For more detailed answers do read our article at:


or reach out to accredited Asatizah and attend trusted religious classes!

Do share what other issues and questions you would like us to address for future episodes!

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