Have I Sinned Too Much To Be Forgiven by Allah? | Ramadan Letters From Mufti

by Muslim.Sg 2021-05-05 • 2 min read
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2021-05-05 • 2 min read

Allah is prepared to reinstate our purity by forgiving us from all our sins and our wrongdoings.

So if someone asks whether we have sinned so much that Allah may not forgive us. That we have doubt that Allah’s forgiveness will not reach us. That is not what Allah s.w.t. is.

Allah s.w.t. is the Most Forgiving, Al-Ghafur, Ar-Rahim, and He is prepared and willing to forgive us. In fact, it is very interesting that Rasulullah s.a.w. once said in a hadith,

“If you do not sin, then Allah s.w.t. will replace you with people who have sinned and they seek Allah’s forgiveness, and Allah will forgive them.”
(Sahih Muslim)

So Allah s.w.t. is more than ready to forgive all our wrongdoings.

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