The Co-op – Unique Offerings to Pique your Curious Palate

If you’re looking for a nice place to chill at with your family or friends, check out The Co-op, a cozy restaurant tucked away on the 3rd level of Our Tampines Hub
by Muslim.Sg 2021-03-18 • 6 min read
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2021-03-18 • 6 min read

If you’re looking for a nice place to chill at with your family or friends, check out The Co-op, a cozy restaurant tucked away on the 3rd level of Our Tampines Hub, next door to HomeTeamNS’ Clip ‘n Climb and Laser Quest. Having just gone through a renovation in February this year, The Co-op’s new décor is fresh, inviting and would fit well into one’s perfectly curated Instagram feed.

Apart from the interior décor, the menu went through a revamp as well. Previously, The Co-op offered a sampling of dishes from sister restaurants under the Black Hole Group, which the Co-op is a part of. Then, the menu offered delicious fish tacos from Afterwit Bar de Burrito, pasta from Tipo Pasta Bar, and burgers from Working Title Burger Bar. The food was always flavourful and my friends and I would order several dishes to share so we got the best of all worlds.

That’s not to say, however, The Co-op’s new menu isn’t as good. The dishes on offer are no longer taken from sister restaurants, but are unique to them, according to our very friendly server, whose name now escapes me. My companion and I decided on the spicy umami prawn pasta (me), roasted cajun chicken (her) and stagged fries (to share).

Photo caption: Spicy umami prawn pasta ($20.90)

I am not a fan of creamy pasta because it’s sometimes a little too rich, and as I get older, my palate is not that amenable towards rich, greasy food #oldpeopleproblems. But the cili padi and the burnt lemon wedge that they had included cut through the richness of the sauce slightly. And let me tell you, that burnt lemon wedge was a revelation! The juice was a tad sour with a hint of sweetness and added just the right amount of freshness into the creamy sauce.

Photo caption: Roasted cajun chicken ($19.90)

The roasted cajun chicken was fresh, which is something I always appreciate when ordering roasted chicken at restaurants. More often than not, you tend to get chicken that tastes just a little off, with none of the juiciness that chicken is supposed to offer your salivating palate. In short, roasted chicken at restaurants tend to be a bit of a disappointment sometimes. This wasn’t. It was juicy, tender and had the right balance of sweetness, savoury, and just plain deliciousness. The chicken was served over cream sauce, paired with asparagus and what tasted like pickled onions!

Photo caption: Stagged fries ($12.90)

The stagged fries was a dish of fries with minced beef ragu and cheese loaded on top. It was a little tough to finish, mostly because we had underestimated the portion size of the food and so, we were pretty full by then. Nevertheless, the fries were the right amount of crispiness and the sauce was chef’s kiss!

Unfortunately, all three of our dishes contained either cream or cheese, which meant they were all rich. This, combined with the generous portions of the food and the kuih bakar lauk-roti sardin breakfast combination we had in the morning, we struggled to finish the dishes towards the end.

Nevertheless, I think what I liked most about The Co-op is that apart from dishes that we regularly see being offered, like carbonara, vongole, and beef burger, they also have dishes that are unique enough to make you want to try them, like polenta fries, seabass with sauce vierge and Spanish omelette. So, yes, another trip to The Co-op will happen soon! I hope you too will give it a try!


The Co-op

Instagram: thecoopsg

Halal status: Halal-certified

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 12PM-10PM

Address: 1 Tampines Walk, #03-04, Our Tampines Hub, S528729


Contact: +65 6214 9350

Email: [email protected]

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