Qiji: Our favourite popiah and nasi lemak, now delivered

by Muslim.Sg 2020-06-25 • 4 min read
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2020-06-25 • 4 min read

Qiji Food Review


With 17 outlets across Singapore, Qiji is one of, if not the most, popular restaurants islandwide serving local fare. Boasting a menu with an extensive variety of local delights, it’s no wonder people keep coming back! Fan favourites include five different sets of Nasi Lemak, as well as Popiah, Laksa, Soon Kueh, and Mee Siam. Make it a set meal for under 10 dollars, with a selection of local drinks such as Bandung, Ice Lemon Tea, Lime Juice, Barley, and Milk Tea to choose from.


qiji popiah review

Photo: Popiah with prawns by Qiji


We decided to get two sets of Nasi Lemak, Sets 2 & 5, and one Popiah with prawns. Set 2 comes with coconut rice, chicken wing, fried anchovies, peanuts, spicy nyonya fish otah, egg omelette, as well as a healthy dollop of sambal chilli. The only difference in Set 5 was the huge chicken thigh replacing the chicken wing. You can choose from the different sets to fit your personal preferences, but if that’s still not enough for you, there are plenty of side dishes to choose from as well.


qiji nasi lemak review

Photo: Qiji Nasi Lemak (Set 2)


qiji nasi lemak delivery

Photo: Qiji Nasi Lemak (Set 5)


The moment we opened the packaged Nasi Lemak, we were greeted with that rich aroma from the coconut rice. The basmati rice was cooked nicely - soft and flavourful, just the way we like it. The chicken wing was crunchy, juicy, and just so sinfully good, although we would have loved for the chicken thigh to have been a bit juicier. The sambal was standard as well, having the right notes of sweet and savoury. Overall, it was a pretty good Nasi Lemak - for a quick and convenient meal, Qiji is the way to go.


The popiah clearly lived up to its name as a fan favourite. Filled to the brim with their signature homemade sweet sauce, garlic, lettuce, bean sprouts, crispy bits, eggs, prawns, and turnips, devouring the soft and juicy popiah, with a little crunch from those crispy bits, made for one of the best popiahs we’ve had.


All in all, Qiji’s a great place to try perennial local favourites, so do head down (or order online!) and grab your local cuisine fix take away today.



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