Is Gelatine Halal?

As we look into the ingredients of irresistible gummy sweets, we may find gelatine on the list of ingredients. However, does that automatically make it non-halal for us to consume? or is there further deliberation for us to assess and consider?
by HalalSG 2023-05-08 • 3 min read
2023-05-08 • 3 min read

Is Gelatine/Gelatin Halal?

Let’s play… “Have you ever...?”!

Have you ever had cravings to chew some gummy candies?

Have you ever walked down the candy aisle in the supermarket, like a bride or groom, surrounded by your guests a.k.a. the sweets and candies?

Have you ever had a gummy bear on the shelf, staring at you, waiting to be adopted through the cashier counter?

is gelatin halal

Most importantly, have you ever read the food packaging label and realised that the chosen candy contains gelatine/gelatin? Now, the question that goes through your mind is ... “Is the candy Halal?” Aaaaah.. *The Halal drama begins*

Is this really a nightmare? We don’t necessarily think so!

What is Gelatine/Gelatin?

First, let’s understand what gelatine/gelatin is. Gelatine/gelatin is a commonly used ingredient in food products, such as gummy candies, marshmallows, desserts and even capsules in products like supplements. It is used as a gelling, emulsifying and/or stabilising agent to provide good texture in the final product. 

is gelatin halal

Typically, gelatine/gelatin is extracted from the collagen of the bones and skin of animals through various processes like grinding, hydrolysis, extraction etc. 

Here's an example:

how gelatin is made

How to Determine if The Gelatine/Gelatin is Halal

So... if it’s derived from animals, how do we determine the halal status of the gelatine/gelatin and, eventually... the yummy gummy bears?!

Although gelatine/gelatin is commonly obtained from pigs (pork gelatine), which is non-halal, it can also be obtained from other animals, such as cows (bovine gelatine) and fish (fish gelatine). Gelatine/gelatin is considered halal if obtained from halal sources, e.g. animals that are slaughtered according to Islamic law or... yes! fish. 

Don't be alarmed when you see the word gelatine/gelatin on the packaging.

Let us make it simpler for you:

is gelatin halal or haram in islam

Check, Ask and Decide

There you go! Now YOU can decide whether to bring that packet of delicious-looking candy to the cashier or just wave goodbye as it sits beautifully on the shelf. Remember: 


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