Flavour Flings: Solid cafe food from the comfort of your own home

by Muslim.Sg 2020-04-30 • 5 min read
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2020-04-30 • 5 min read

You’ve probably heard of Flavour Flings, the café nestled in between a couple of coffee shops in Hougang. It was one of the first, if not the first, place in Singapore to get your hands on the mind-blowingly solid salted egg yolk croissant. If you have yet to try them out, and reminiscing the café-hopping time with your kakis, you would be pleased to know that they offer pickup, as well as delivery options, during this circuit breaker period. The question is – does eating café food from the comforts of your home beat dining in? 


We got the Fling Noodles, Chilli Crab pasta, Nasty Beef burger, and Milo-coated chicken popcorn, which is probably good for 3-5 people, depending on your appetite.


Fling Noodles


One would expect great things from a bowl of noodles that is named after the very café it came from – and boy does it not disappoint. The mushroom cream had just the right consistency, and there was just enough white truffle oil to balance out the taste without being too overpowering. A perfectly poached egg on top of all that deliciousness sealed the deal for me.


Chilli Crab Pasta


The Chilli Crab Pasta is yet another solid rendition of Asian-Western fusion, just like their famed salted egg yolk croissant. Generous bits of crab meat and chilli crab sauce made for very satisfying bites of rich crabby goodness. The sauce had a good balance of sweet and spicy to me, and mixing up the sauce with the poached egg on top made for an even creamier sauce. The creaminess may get a bit overwhelming for some, but this is something I’d come back for again.


Nasty Beef Burger


The Nasty Beef Burger was surprisingly one of the juiciest burgers I’ve had the pleasure of eating. Made from 150g of their house beef patty, sautéed mushrooms and battered onions, there was a lot of textures and flavours at every bite. The side of Cajun fries was nicely seasoned, but just a tad on the softer side, possible due to the condensation caused by the takeaway package. 


Milo-coated Chicken Popcorn


Milo and chicken popcorn might sound like an incredulous combination bordering on insanity, but I’m a diehard supporter, and seriously wonder why we couldn’t have had thought of this earlier. Served with either nacho cheese or sambal belachan mayonnaise also provides a welcoming relief for some to balance the sweetness of the chicken popcorn. I preferred a spicy kick to accompany my popcorn chicken, and the sambal belachan mayonnaise did not disappoint, although some might like it to be slightly spicier.



My only concern with the milo coating is that it’s already hardened by the time I get to eat it at home, so you could try and request them to separate the condiments, and do your own Boomerang on Instagram.


Verdict: Flavour Flings has a largely satisfying variety of food available for takeaway for both the conventional and adventurous of food-loving folks. With free delivery to Hougang, Kovan, Serangoon, Sengkang, Buangkok, and Punggol as well, there is now something refreshing to try during the circuit breaker period this Ramadan. Selamat berbuka!

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