Using Education To Counter Extremism - H.E. Dr Ahmed Al-Tayyeb

by Muslim.Sg 2018-10-05 • 1 min read
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2018-10-05 • 1 min read

Some people have been educated in such a way that made them believe that they are the only true #Muslims. They declare others as infidels and think that it is okay to harm them.

The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar H.E. Dr Ahmed Al-Tayyeb calls upon us to teach our children our Islamic traditions and train their minds on dialogue and hearing other points of view.

This excerpt is part of The Muis Lecture 2018 entitled “The Unifying Force of Religion” that was organised by Muis Academy. For the full transcript, visit
#ResilientMuslims #SpreadMercy #MuisLecture
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