Dealing With Emptiness | Islamic Podcast | Tune Islam EP 2

by Muslim.Sg 2023-03-28 • 2 min read
Muslim.Sg is a Muslim lifestyle platform that aims to deepen your understanding of faith, in collaboration with the Asatizah Youth Network (AYN). We are part of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis).
2023-03-28 • 2 min read

Why do we feel empty at times?

Is it normal to feel this void? How do we fill this emptiness through our daily prayers and remembrance in Allah s.w.t?

Listen to this enlightening conversation with our host, Azzah Fariha and our guest, Ustaz Faritz on dealing with emptiness!

01:15 - Have you ever felt emptiness before?
03:47 - Is it a sign that we are not doing something right or putting enough effort to care for ourselves?
08:30 - What can we do to avoid this emptiness?
10:53 - How does dealing with emptiness strengthens our relationship with Allah s.w.t?
13:32 - What dua or zikir should we recite after solat to seek protection from Allah s.w.t?
19:48 - When should we starting teaching young children about solat so that they don't feel the emptiness?
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