Before It's Too Late | Filial Piety | Islamic Podcast | Tune Islam EP 1

by Muslim.Sg 2023-03-22 • 2 min read
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2023-03-22 • 2 min read

One of the toughest part about adulting is to find time to care for our parents.

How do we nurture our relationship with our parents, especially if the bond becomes more fragile as time passes by?

Perhaps, there is a greater meaning to filial piety in Islam that we can learn from.

Tune in to our second season of Tune Islam! In this episode, our host, Azzah Fariha, and Ustaz Hafiizhuddiin will discuss about being dutiful to our parents through the different life stages, especially when busyness and conflicts with our parents get in the way.

01:28 - We know how important the virtue of filial piety is in Islam. But sometimes we may also want to be independent and self-sufficient, and it can be stressful to establish a balance. How do we deal with this?
06:45 - How should we communicate with our parents?
09:31 - What is the reward for being filial to our parents?
17:54 - For young families, as they moved out of their parents' house, the connection with their parents may not be as strong as before. How should they navigate around this?
23:55 - If our parents have passed away, what more can we do to ensure they are continuously rewarded?
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