Youth Matters (Youth Segment) - #EP61

by Muslim.Sg 2022-03-23 • 1 min read
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2022-03-23 • 1 min read

A discussion on misconceptions with the youths of An-Nahdhah Mosque, Munawwarin and together with their YDO, Ustaz Luqman!
Misconceptions about pigs & dogs:
1. Anjing dan Babi ni kita patut benci sebab dia haram.
(We should hate dogs and pigs because they are haram)
2. Babi tak boleh dimakan sebab kotor.
(Pigs can't be eaten because it's dirty)
3. Anjing kalau pegang kene cuci betul-betul je. So boleh pelihara anjing. Just cuci betul-betul je kalau pegang.
(Dogs if it's touched must be washed only. So you can keep a dog. Just wash it thoroughly if you touch it)
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