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by Muslim.Sg 2021-04-23 • 7 min read
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2021-04-23 • 7 min read

Alhamdulillah for another opportunity to once again meet the blessed month of Ramadan. Although we only get to meet Ramadan after a year has passed and that we always look forward to embrace its blessings, every now and then, we tend to forget its true value and thus, let it pass like any other months without considerable intentions for spiritual upliftment. 

It’s natural to forget and sometimes get distracted by other commitments. However, it is our own accountability to remind ourselves of the ideal objectives. In most cases, we do need help. This is also why we tend to look for classes to attend to and read books to revise and reflect on our own respective journeys in Ramadan. Seeking knowledge is, in fact, an excellent deed to pursue in the sacred month. 


Even so, there are those who are tied to their daily commitments and are unable to sign up for classes. Fret not, We can also find fulfilling online Ramadan content across multiple social media platforms. Let us maximise our good deeds by benefiting from these online contents and sharing them with others who might need them.

Here are 9 Online Ramadan Content for you to benefit from:

1. Ramadan Letters From Mufti

A Ramadan special, get up close to our honourable Mufti by listening to him share personal letters with you. In this weekly series, Mufti will pen down his thoughts on the merits of this blessed month and highlights several key values to strive for. 

2. Doa-doa Pilihan Bersama Hady Mirza Dan Ustaz Hanan Farihin

In this series with the delightful duo Hady Mirza and Ustaz Hanan Farihin, much will be shared about Dua (supplications), from the benefits and etiquettes to the sacred times of acceptance. Each episode will focus on a Dua according to the multiple themes to benefit from.

3. Ramadan Guide: ADIL Fiqh Ramadan

Another series to look forward to this Ramadan. If you’re the type to love curriculum-based classes, this is a series of short videos with high and yet palatable content that you would probably want to look forward to. With us is a number of Asatizah to share with us about fasting and its technicalities; what invalidates the fast and is sought after in the month of Ramadan. 

These short videos are curated by the same team who manages the ADIL programmes at mosques!

4. Tune Islam Podcast: True Meaning of Ramadan

This Ramadan, Muslim.Sg is launching a new podcast series, Tune Islam, where various speakers from the Asatizah Youth Network talks about relevant religious topics. In this episode, Ustaz Fizar and Ustazah Syariati will enlighten us with the true spirit of Ramadan, covering questions like “what invalidates our fast?” and “can we still continue to fast in Ramadan after getting the vaccine?”

5. Solat Series: Solat Malam

In this new DIY series, we invite Asatizah to share with us how to perform some acts of worship in our own capacity. The first episode will discuss the definition and how to perform Solat Malam, the night vigil prayers, including other facts on why we should pray this Sunnah prayer as well. The series also offers visual examples of how to perform the prayer.

6. Asatizah Answer Your IG Question

Last year, Muslim.Sg produced a series of videos with Asatizah answering the most search questions on google about thematic religious issues. This year, Asatizah will answer your questions on Instragam. This episode will cover questions pertaining to Ramadan.

7. Eratkan Jalinan, Sinarkan Ramadan

This sketch tells us about some of the challenges one may face this Ramadan with the safety measurements still in place despite being able to return to mosques. The situation, however, can be resolved with the help of everyone in the community.

8. Sembang Malam Ramadan

If you’re looking for light entertainment or live shows but would also like to reap benefits from the month of Ramadan. Every Friday night, you can catch Sembang Malam Ramadan with an entertaining and yet educational conversation between guests of Asatizah and the host, Sujimy Mohamad, talk about topics pertaining to the month of Ramadan. Catch the show live at 10pm on Fridays, or you can watch the recorded video at SalamSG TV’s youtube channel

9. Live Terawih

Even when we’re able to return back to mosques this year, there are some days when we’re unable to due to the safety measurements in place. Alhamdulillah, it is for the best of everyone. In fact, we can also tune in to the Live Terawih broadcast on SalamSG TV to experience the ambience of having the Terawih prayers at a mosque.

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