Arnold’s: Are you missing Arnold’s? Ay-am.

by Muslim.Sg 2020-07-14 • 4 min read
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2020-07-14 • 4 min read

Every Malay family would remember going to City Plaza during Ramadan period to buy their Kuih or Baju Raya to celebrate the Hari Raya. They would also remember the distinctive smell of Arnold’s chicken coming from the 2nd floor near the escalator. It’s been around since 1984 and is one of the first Halal fast food restaurants here in Singapore. Although western food has quite a competition here in Singapore, Arnold’s certainly maintained their sole-outlet for 32 years until recently they decided to branch out to the West, North and Central region with The Frontier Community Club in Jurong East being the first branch opened in the west area.



Their menu hasn’t changed that much throughout the years, but their tender and savoury fried chicken has definitely maintained the standards of their quality and recipe.


At Arnold’s, fried chicken is definitely a must-have! You can’t miss the crispy fried batter that perfectly envelopes each chicken part. Surprisingly, the chicken skin always turns out minimally oily and it is the best part of it all!


Arnold’s caters a few value combo meals, depending on the number of pax you’re eating with. They have the 2 Person Combo Meal ($24.80), 3 Person Combo Meal ($41.40) and 5 Person Combo Meal ($63.20). All combo meals are served with drinks and sides.


We ordered the 2 Person Combo Meal which came with 5 pieces of chicken, golden brown and fried to perfection. What we always love about Arnold’s fried chicken is that the chicken is obviously fresh and not frozen. You’ll know it when the taste of the meat is not gamey and that the meat comes off completely from the bones.




The 5-piece meal came in a variety of chicken parts from breast to drumstick, thigh and wings, so you can be strategic and don’t have to argue with your significant other on who eats what. The chicken breast is not tough and dry and the drumstick is juicy and tender. Even after a 10-minute delivery ride from store to home, our meal was still hot and fresh, and wasn’t soaking the cardboard boxes in oil.


Accompanying the main star of the show were some thick fries, coleslaw and fried buns. The fried buns are exceptionally satisfying that we even ordered 2 more on top of the buns included in the combo meal.


Apart from chicken, there is fish & chips for those who don’t eat chicken. But what would you be doing in Arnold’s if you don’t enjoy fried chicken!?



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