Youth Matters (Youth Segment) - #EP60

by Muslim.Sg 2022-03-23 • 1 min read
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2022-03-23 • 1 min read

A discussion on misconceptions with the youths of An-Nahdhah Mosque, Munawwarin and together with their YDO, Ustaz Luqman!
Misconceptions in Solat
1. Kita tak solat sekarang. Nanti at the end of the day kita boleh qada semua.
(We don't pray now. Later at the end of the day, we can do it all)
2. Kita tak solat kat masjid sebab diri masih kotor. Nanti da bersih baru solat.
(We do not pray at the mosque because we are still dirty. Later, after we are clean, we will pray.
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