Q&A Religious Enquiries What is Islam's stand on suicide operations?

What is Islam's stand on suicide operations?

Number: 10
Publication: 2019-10-06
Praise be to Allah

Suicide operations are not allowed in Islam as the act of taking our own lives are against the teachings of Islam. In addition, suicide operations often compromise innocent civilians.

Furthermore, Islam has been linked strongly with violence because of suicide bombings.

The efforts by certain parties to draw analogies between contemporary of the Prophet (pbuh) and Muslim army as recorded in historical texts are not acceptable because of the following differences:

a. Those who performed daring acts in the past are destroyed by the weapons owned by their enemies while the current suicide operators are killed by detonating their own weapons.

b. The acts in the past occured during battle but suicide operators of today carry out their attacks at random and not during battle as evident in incidents like 9/11 and train bombings in London and Madrid.

They also destroy infrastucture, which is a very clear prohibition in Islam. Based on the above, it can be concluded that the legitimacy of suicide operation as claimed by some parties are syubhat (dubious).

May we all follow the correct teachings of Islam and be protected from being led astray.

Allah knows best.

Source: Adapted from a booklet by Ustaz Muhammad Haniff Hassan & Ustaz Mohamed bin Ali titled 'Questions and Answers on Jihad' published in 2007