How to Perform Wudhu For Beginners | Muslim DIY | Ep5

by Muslim.Sg 2022-12-15 • 2 min read
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2022-12-15 • 2 min read

Have i been taking wudhu correctly? Or need a revision on the steps of taking wudhu? Watch this video guide to answer those questions!

Join Ustaz Abdul Mateen and Ustazah Syariati Sulaiman as they share the steps, meaning and significance of wudhu.

00:35 - What is wudhu and why is it important in our religion?
02:00 - Steps of wudhu according to Mazhab of Syafii
06:51 - Taking wudhu in public toilets
08:31 - Sunnahs relating to wudhu
10:54 - Significance and benefits of wudhu
12:11 - Things that breaks the state of wudhu

To find out more on how to take the wudhu, read this article:

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