Free Online Islamic Classes During This Covid-19 Period

Check out these free Islamic classes that can be accessed online.
by Muslim.Sg 2020-06-16 • 7 min read
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2020-06-16 • 7 min read

Free online Islamic classes in Singapore for adults

Free Online Islamic Classes During This Covid-19 Period


The mosques in Singapore are closed until further notice. Congregational prayers at mosques have also been stopped in many countries around the world including Malaysia and Kuwait. 


Read how Muslims around the world are adjusting religious life in facing Covid-19 here.


Our mosques are so special to us that it’s understandable to be sad. However, let’s stay united and support this decision that was made to protect all of us, especially the elderly who are more vulnerable to COVID-19. 


Thankfully, our amazing religious teachers have moved their Islamic lectures and lessons online. Here is a list of upcoming free Islamic classes for you and your family. 


**Updated as of 13 August 2020.


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Just Ask! AYN - Hijrah for love

Hijrah - a journey that signifies sacrifice, resilience, and love. Hijrah is one of the most pivotal events in the history of Islam. It is the defining moment that shaped the next phase of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.’s mission in spreading the message of love, peace, and harmony. 

The historical hijrah from Makkah to Madinah marked the transformational phase of Islam. The message hijrah is beyond physical migration. In essence, the hijrah symbolizes the transformation of self. The transformation from darkness to enlightenment.

Today, it is not about moving from one place to another to manifest the ethos of hijrah. Instead, it is about improving ourselves, our families, and our community continuously.

Let us rediscover together the essence of hijrah as we continue our quest for the love of The Most Loving, in transforming our lives, our loved ones, and our world. Join us in this exclusive sharing session our millennial asatizah!

LIMITED SLOTS! Register now for FREE.

Date: Friday, 28 August 2020
Platform: ZOOM
*Meeting details will be sent out via email 1 day before the event.


Hati Yang Bersih: Menjaga Anggota Zahir

Join Ustazah Nurul 'Izzah Khamsani as she explains how to get a clean heart on Masjid Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah's Facebook every Tuesday at 9:30 pm!

Stay At Home Lecture Series, Ustaz Fizar Zainal

Stay at home free Islamic class by Ustaz Fizar Zainal

Ustaz Fizar Zainal is offering 4 free classes weekly for all of us this circuit breaker period! On Tuesday and Thursday at 1.00 pm, he discusses Ayyuhal Walad (Dear Beloved Son) by Imam Ghazali. Amassing knowledge is not the goal, as Imam Ghazali explains, but rather preparing one's self and soul for our Final End. On Friday at 1.00 p.m, Ustaz Fizar shares his reflections. On Sunday at 10.00 am, he goes through Purification of the Heart, a translation and commentary of Imam al-Mawlud’s Matharat al-Qulub by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. 

Quranic Studies for Life, Ustaz Mizi Wahid

Quranic studies for life Islamic online class by Ustaz Mizi Wahid

Every Sunday morning at 10 am, head to Masjid Al-Islah's Facebook page for a livestreaming of Ustaz Mizi Wahid's Quranic Studies for Life. You can also listen to all the past sessions on Spotify.

Beyond The Books Series

Free Islamic online class by Masjid Al-Falah

Masjid Al-Falah has launched a video series called Beyond The Books, where they aim to encapsulate 3 themes which are to Read, Learn and Reflect. Beyond the Books is a platform for learners from all walks of life to delve deep into every book in the hopes of seeking knowledge.⁣ 

In this series, 5 asatizah including Ustaz Syazwan Elrani and Ustaz Fadhlullah Daud will cover 1 book each! Together with the asatizah, you will be reading, understanding, and insya Allah, living the values in them.⁣

Register now at⁣

Berbual Deep IG live, Ustaz Aiman Khalid (Malay)

Instagram live with Ustaz Aiman Khalid

Every morning, after Subuh, Ustaz Aiman Khalid will be conducting an Instagram live session to reflect on lessons from the Quran. Get the latest updates from his Instagram!

Look forward to surprise guests!

Kuliah Tafsir, Ustaz Dr Mohd Fatris Bakaram (Malay)

Free Islamic class kuliah tafsir ustaz fatris bakaram

Mufti Dr Mohamed Fatris Bakaram conducts a free class called 'Kuliah Tafsir' every Sunday after Maghrib at Masjid Darul Makmur. You can look forward to hearing him explain the verses in the Quran and understand how to apply its timeless values, wisdom, and teachings in our daily lives. 

Kuliah Tafsir is also streamed 'live' every Sunday on MuslimSg's Facebook!

Follow MuslimSg on Facebook today.

SATANOLOGY: The Devil Deludes, Ustaz Ahmad Faritz

Free online islamic class by al audwah academy


Alqudwah Academy TV is offering their latest sessions on their app and YouTube channel for free, with the exception of Ustazah Sakinah Saptu’s Al-'Ibrah. The sessions will be available, free, for a week, from the date of its public premiere.


You can catch SATANOLOGY: The Devil Deludes by Ustaz Ahmad Faritz from Asatizah Youth Network here.


Weekly Reflections, Ustazah Nur Hidayah

Free online Islamic class by Ustazah Hidayah Azman


Ustazah Nur Hidayah Azman releases weekly reflection videos on relatable topics such as ‘Doing Things With Meaning’ and ‘Remember Allah In Times Of Ease’. 


Subscribe to her channel and watch her vlogs here.


The profound meaning of Ba' from the word Bismillah, Ustaz Fizar Zainal

Free online Islamic class by Syukran Sg and Safinah in partnership with Safinah Institute came up with 7 Reminders by 7 Asatizah. The anecdotes vary from the virtues of huruf ba' from the word bismillah to the importance of faraidh.


Watch ‘The profound meaning of Ba' from the word Bismillah’ by Ustaz Fizar Zainal from Asatizah Youth Network here.


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