Can Muslims celebrate birthdays? | Muslims Answered Google Autocomplete Questions on Social Life

by Muslim.Sg 2020-09-24 • 2 min read
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2020-09-24 • 2 min read

Can Muslims deliver non-halal food?
Can Muslims attend non-Muslim funeral?
Can Islam celebrate mother’s day?
Can Muslims celebrate birthdays?
Can Islam touch dog?
Can Muslims wish Merry Christmas? (Happy deepavali? Happy new year?)
Can Muslims celebrate Chinese New Year?
Can Muslims eat at non-halal restaurants?
Can Muslims say God bless you?

Catch this latest episode of Asatizah Answer Web’s Most Searched Questions where Ustaz Ridhwan, Ustaz Mizi Wahid, Ustaz Irwan Hadi and Ustaz Fadhlullah provide bespoke answers on issues of social life!

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