About SalamSG Movement

SalamSG Movement, abbreviated as SSGM, is a nationwide community movement driven by all mosques in Singapore with the aim of spreading good within and beyond the community. Imbued with SMI values, faith programmes and services are integrated with initiatives to increase charity and social resilience. This effort in shaping our religious life transcends physical mosques by growing Virtual Faithspaces, connecting the community with purposeful content suited for all, powered by Zakat to strengthen the community.

The SSGM aims to drive behavioural change in the community in the new normal of a COVID-resilient environment, starting from Ramadan 1444H until the religious ritual of Korban later in Zulhijjah. In driving behavioural change, SSGM recognises the pandemic adaptation by Singapore Muslims to consume religious content online. At the same time, the SalamSG Movement also appreciates segments of the community who wish to practice their religious life in mosques in a safe environment. SSGM bridges the two norms together as the nation moves towards a post-COVID environment. Good practices introduced during the pandemic period are also encouraged to be maintained, such as wearing of masks when not feeling well, or bringing their own prayer garments and mat.

SSGM will coordinate the various mosque programmes and publicise them at a sub-site in Muslim.SG (www.muslim.sg/salamsg) so that more Singapore Muslims are able to view, participate and benefit from them. It is SSGM’s intent to integrate and facilitate how the Muslim community practices its religious life and learn about Islam in both physical and virtual Faith Spaces. SalamSG Movement will also assist to facilitate selected mosque programmes to appear in SalamSG TV – a faith-inspired YouTube channel developed by Muis during the circuit breaker in 2020 – allowing the programme to reach out to a wider audience.

To ensure continuity of programmes and initiatives, the SalamSG Movement will maintain the same theme of “Suburkan Salam. Sebarkan Rahmah.” (Reinvigorate Salam. Radiate Blessings.) which was introduced collective by several mosque religious officers (MRO) during its inaugural year in 2022. The selection of the word ‘Salam’ is deliberate and poignant – it aims to carry the message of positivity and optimism. ‘Salam’ brings hope for His mercy and blessings. Thus, this sums up the situation that we faced during the recent challenging period, and how Muslims should look forward to better days ahead in Ramadan and Korban.