Frequently Asked Questions
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My spouse died last year, should the previous fatwa or the new fatwa apply?
Is this the price of overseas livestock that we can expect for Korban in the future?
Why are there only one source of livestock for Korban this year?
How is the price of the animal for Korban determined?
How can we be sure that Korban is done annually in Singapore?
In lieu of high Korban costs, is JKMS considering importing livestock from the SEA region?
Will there be enough livestock to meet the demand for Korban in 2019?
What can I expect if I register for Korban through JKMS?
Will my fast still be valid if I forgot to say the niyyah (intention) the night before?
Can we still pay back our fasts which we missed 2 years back?
Can we still eat during Imsak?
Will an injection causes our fast to be nullified?
Can a pregnant mother fasts?
Do you own or intend to buy a house? How does this 2019 Fatwa on Joint Tenancy affect you?
Does this mean your Faraid beneficiaries are losing their right to your estate?
Which Is Religiously Better? Joint Tenancy Contract or the Tenancy-in-common Contract?
Can the Other Beneficiaries Force Me to Sell My Property?
What is Islam's stand on suicide operations?
Does Islam permit attacking enemies wherever they are?
How can a Muslim best respond to acts of oppression and persecution against the Muslim population in other countries?