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Noble Virtue: Selflessness

Islamic Religious Council of Singapore

Friday Sermon

 17 April 2020 / 23 Syaaban 1441H

Noble Virtue: Selflessness


Blessed brothers,

Let us increase our taqwa of Allah s.w.t. by obeying His commands and abstaining from His prohibitions. Let us do our absolute best to support and help those in need. May the support and help that we offer form part our deeds in achieving taqwa and closeness to Allah s.w.t.


My fellow Muslims,

The noble companion Abu Darda’ r.a. once reported a supplication taught by the Prophet s.a.w. in a hadith: “Among the supplications of Prophet Daud a.s. was:


Meaning: “O Allah, I ask you for Your love and the love of those who love You, and the deed which brings me closer to Your love.” [Hadith narrated by Imam At-Tirmizi].


This hadith details the qualities of the heart of a believer who always places his trust in Allah s.w.t. and continuously seeks His love and mercy. It also portrays the hope and love of a servant of Allah to another. Such is the life of a believer. . He will always strive to protect his relationship with Allah s.w.t in times of ease and adversities. He also values and cares about those around him.


My dear brothers,

Our compassion for other human beings is one of the ways for us to attain His love. In helping and supporting one another – at times even putting other’s needs above our own – we are also hoping for His compassion and mercy upon us. Allah s.w.t. says in Surah Al-Hasyr, verse 9:


Meaning: “And [also for] those who were settled in al-Madinah and [adopted] the faith before them. They love those who emigrated to them and find not any want in their breasts of what the emigrants were given but give [them] preference over themselves, even though they are in deprivation. And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul - it is those who will be the successful.


There are countless ways in which we can help those in need. We can share the surplus of our blessings that we enjoy to those who are less fortunate. We can also offer words of encouragement and comfort to those who are experiencing sadness and anxiety – especially in this COVID-19 situation happening today.



I would like to mention another aspect in which we can bring joy and hope to the lives of others – by providing a loving environment for young children who desire the love and care of a family. Recent findings show that our own Muslim children make up a large proportion of those who are in need of a loving home. Some of them have been abused, neglected or abandoned and some have special needs which require the love, protection and care of a family.


Our faith strongly encourages us to care for and protect children who are in need. This is an opportunity for us to help and support these children so that they, too, can experience life in a complete family household. We can find more details on how to assist them by visiting the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s (MSF) website, under the fostering program. When we render our care to these children, Allah will surely reward us. The Prophet s.a.w. says:


Meaning: "Seek among your weak ones, for you are given provision and help only because of the weak amongst you." [Hadis narrated by Abu Daud]


My brothers,

In the midst of facing this outbreak test, Ramadhan is just around the corner. Let us strive to perform our deeds and acts of worship to the best of our abilities. Although our usual Ramadhan activities will be somewhat restricted, we should not let that dampen our spirits or prevent us from doing our best this coming Ramadhan. Instead, let us take this opportunity to perform acts of worship with our families.  Let us continue to be in contact with our parents and other family members and ask them how they are doing, even if we cannot meet them in person. Let us extend our help to our mosques or families who are less fortunate by donating online or through authorized welfare bodies.


May Allah s.w.t. accept our good deeds and grant us our hopes and prayers. May Allah allow us to meet the noble month of Ramadan. And may this Ramadhan bring us closer to Allah s.w.t. Amin Ya Rabbal ‘Alamin.