9 Programmes to Look Out for this Ramadan 2021!

Line-up of Ramadan Programmes prepared by our Mosques and Asatizah
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Beneficial Programmes you can Join this Ramadan!

MasyaAllah we are blessed to meet another Ramadan insyaAllah! May our fast and deeds be accepted and blessed by Allah the Most Gracious. 

This year, the Sentuhan Ramadan Committee formed by mosques in Singapore has prepared a slew of programmes we can participate in to make our Ramadan more fruitful, insyaAllah!


Ramadan Youth Campaign 2021


  1. Ramadan Youth Campaign (RYC): Solat Course 

This course is specially catered for youths (and adults alike) to learn about solat. Named Soulful Solat, this course will bring participants to revise on the acts of the ibadah and how to attain more khusyu’ in your prayers.  

Asatizah: Ustaz Lutfi and Ustaz Halimi 
Date: 17-18 April 2021 
Time: 10am – 2pm 
Register: linktr.ee/RamadhanYouthCampaign  


  1. Virtual Camp: Ramadan Youth Conquest 

This is a virtual camp for youths which will be led by a line-up of asatizah. 

Asatizah: Ustaz Lutfi, Ustaz Hafiz, Ustaz Muhsin, Ustaz Shahrum, Ustaz Fazli, Ustazah Hidayah Azman, Ustazah Hidayah Roslee and Sis Fathiha 
Date: 11 April 2021 
Time: 11am – 7pm 
Register: linktr.ee/RamadhanYouthCampaign  


  1. Night of Power: The Hustle 

Night of Power (NOP) is an annual lecture programme held to prepare us for the last 10 days (and nights) of Ramadan. This year, it will be conducted online on the night of 20th Ramadan.  

Asatizah: Ustaz Nuzhan and Ustazah Zahrah 
Date: 1 May 2021 
Time: 10.30pm – 12.30am 
Register: linktr.ee/RamadhanYouthCampaign 


  1. #Qurantogetherchallenge 

The #Qurantogetherchallenge is an Instagram online challenge open to youths (and non-youths) throughout the month of Ramadan. Here the challenge hopes to get as many people reading the Quran in Ramadan (and beyond, insyaAllah!) 

Date: 13 April - 1 May 2021 
Register: linktr.ee/RamadhanYouthCampaign 


  1. RR: Changing your Game Plan 

The Ramadan Retreat is another online program designed for youths. 

Asatizah: Ustaz Syarif, Ustaz Fikri, Ustaz Luqman, Ustazah Saidatunah Nafisah, Sis Norashikin 
Date: 25 April 2021 
Time: 10am – 12.30pm 
Register: linktr.ee/RamadhanYouthCampaign 


  1. Tadarus & Tadabbur Al-Quran 

Sign up for a slot and improve your Quran recitation and understanding with mosque Youth Development Officers (YDO) throughout Ramadan. 

Week 1 – 12 - 16 Apr 
Week 2 – 19 - 23 Apr 
Week 3 – 26 - 30 Apr 
Week 4 – 3 - 7 May 
Week 5 – 10 - 11 May 

Time: 9.30pm – 10.30pm 
Register: linktr.ee/RamadhanYouthCampaign  


  1. Free ADIL Classes

Free ADIL Ramadan Classes

ADIL is offering multiple free classes this Ramadan! Topics range from things about Fiqh Ramadan to condensed versions of their ADIL courses such as Light of Faith, Living Sources, The Chosen One, Solat Workshop and Fardu Ain. 



  1. ADIL Knowledge Retreat: The Art of Tawakkal 

ADIL Events Ramadan 2021

Let the first ADIL Knowledge Retreat of 2021 be a means for us to strive to become a person of tawakkal, always contented with Allah’s decree and having good assumptions upon whatever Allah has planned for us. InsyaAllah! 

Asatizah: Ustaz Mizi Wahid, Ustazah Nadia Hanim, Ustazah Hidayah Azman 
Date: 24 April 2021 
Time: 11am – 1pm 


  1. Quran Hour 

We encourage you to join our asatizah for an hour of reading Quran together this Ramadan! 
Watch via Facebook, YouTube or Instagram @SalamSGTV 

Date: 28 April 2021 
Time: 9.30pm 



  1. Ramadan Checklist on Telegram 

Ramadan Checklist Telegram

Get daily tips, reminders and updates on upcoming classes and religious videos via this Telegram channel. Keep updated by joining these Telegram channels: 

  1. Puasapedia Podcast Series

Puasapedia Podcast

Listen to FAQs on Ramadan on the go with the Puasapedia Podcast Series by LearsIslamSG. Featuring Ustazah Syariati Sulaiman, the series aims to answer common Ramadan-related questions raised by the public.

Listen to Episode 1 on Spotify here.

  1. Ramadan Guides 

Download an e-booklet by Office of the Mufti here or watch SalamSGTV on YouTube for short video series based on ADIL’s Fiqh Ramadan talking about issues relating to fasting and Ramadan. 


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