3 Mosques Undergo Upgrading amid COVID-19

How are they coping?
by Ourmasjidsg 2020-07-13 • 2 min read
A community crowdfunding initiative rallying the community to provide support for mosque operations and staff
2020-07-13 • 2 min read

From the start of 2020, we’ve seen many ads going around seeking support from the public to raise funds for Mosque Upgrading Projects (MUPs). 

When Singapore was hit by COVID-19 in March 2020, mosques had to be closed temporarily and many activities including construction and upgrading were halted. 

This affected our mosques greatly because for one, mosques can no longer hold congregational prayers or classes for a time and two, they won’t be able to receive donations from the public. 

Here are 3 mosques which are currently undergoing upgrades during the global pandemic: 

1. Masjid Khalid 

A car parked in front of a buildingDescription automatically generated Ongoing renovations since early 2020 

Masjid Khalid 
130 Joo Chiat Road  
Tel: 6345 2884 

Donate to Masjid Khalid


2. Masjid Abdul Gafoor 

A large buildingDescription automatically generated Ongoing renovations since late 2019 

Masjid Abdul Gafoor 
41 Dunlop Street 
Tel: 6295 4209 

Donate to Masjid Abdul Gafoor


3. Masjid Bencoolen 

A large buildingDescription automatically generated Ongoing renovations since early 2020 


A large pile of trashDescription automatically generated Basement upgrading in progress 

Masjid Bencoolen 
51 Bencoolen Street  
Tel: 6333 3016 

Donate to Masjid Bencoolen

Though mosques are slowly reopening post circuit breaker, the number of mosque congregants today are still very limited. Mosque-based classes and efforts to seek funds from the public have now moved online. 

Masjid Abdul Gafoor and Masjid Bencoolen, are still unable to reopen due to their upgrading works.  

These mosques need our support more than ever now. 

Let’s do our part to support our mosques, especially those who’ve been hit harder than the rest. Show your support by contributing via ourmasjid.sg. May Allah reward your generosity towards building mosques for our community insyaAllah!  


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