TLDR; More prayer slots and activities allowed in mosques starting 7 October onwards

This means resumption of more activities in mosques with safe management measures in place. 
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2020-10-20 • 2 min read

As announced, starting 7 October, we’ll have more mosques opening up more prayer spaces for daily and Friday prayers. More activities to be resumed too!  

Friday Prayer Jemaah at Masjid Jamae Chulia

TLDR; here are 4 points summarising the latest MCCY guidelines for religious services: 

  1. Slots available for daily congregational prayers will increase from 50 to 100 worshippers at 19 selected mosques 

  1. With effect from 16 October, Friday prayer timings will be adjusted earlier 

  1. Part-time aLIVE madrasah classes will recommence progressively, with some mosques piloting face-to-face classes from mid-October 

  1. Mosques can organise limited hybrid live-online Maulid  

With these new guidelines, total number of prayer spaces for Friday prayers will increase to 30,000 per week as compared to the current 15,225 jemaah. 

In total, about 85,000 jemaah have managed to perform Friday prayers in mosques since last August. 

Read the full press release by Muis here


Book your Prayer Slots 

Those who have managed to perform Friday prayers in the last four weeks, may start booking for another slot in the next four weeks. 

Likewise, you may still book slots to pray the 5 daily prayers in Jemaah in mosques. 

Book your prayer slot at: or through the app. 

While some mosques are opening up for more Jemaah, other mosques undergoing upgrading and renovations are still not opened to public. 

Continue to Support Our Mosques 

Our mosques need your support and donations more than ever now. Show your support, donate via  

Registration for aLIVE classes 2021 

aLIVE class registrations are now open and done online. Interested parents can find out more about aLIVE classes here or register for available classes in 2021 here

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